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Healing is Here

We treat a range of mental health illnesses for patients across the lifespan; including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, ADHD/ADD, PTSD, eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and psychoses.

All patients receive a comprehensive psychiatric and/or substance use disorder assessment with an individual diagnostic treatment plan that includes an overarching wellness goal. Medications as appropriate, psychotherapy, psycho-education, and holistic/integrative/functional medicine practices are utilized.  

We firmly believe mental health disorders should not be treated through the lens of stigma. Psychiatric illness should be viewed no differently than physical illnesses. Mental health encompasses genetics, physiology, emotions, nutrition, activity, life circumstances, and spirituality. Our role in the treatment and healing process is to ensure that you are equipped to achieve optimum health and wellness. 

We’ll work to solve current problems and improve thinking patterns. We will encourage you and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. We are committed to finding the best course of treatment for your unique circumstances.


Additionally, based on individual patient wants & needs, we can help safely and effectively reduce the number/amount of medications you take while implementing more integrative, holistic, and functional practices. 


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